1961 born in Mannheim, Germany 1985-1991 Studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe as a student of professors Wilhelm Loth, Michael Sandle, Harald Klingelhöller, Katharina Fritsch, Werner Pokorny and Elisabeth Wagner 1988 Annual exhibition of the Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, Germany (first prize) 1989 scholarship awarded by the city of Mannheim (sojourn in Krakow, Poland) since 1991 independent artist, lives and works in Mannheim, Germany.

“I love this town. Mannheim has given me a lot.”

1998 Recipient of the Advancement Award of the Ludwig-Roos-Foundation 2001-2003 Restoration and conversion into a home and studio with an artfully designed garden landscape of the Neo-Gothic Altes Pumpwerk Neckarau pumping station (dewigned and erected in 1903 according to the plans of Mannheim’s director of town planning Richard Perrey) in accordance with monument preservation guidelines 2004 The artist was awarded the monument preservation prize of the Württemberg Hypo, the Schwäbischer Heimatbund, the Landesverein Badische Heimat, and the Denkmalstiftung Baden Württemberg for the work he commissioned as owner of the new “Altes Pumpwerk” (Old Pumping Station) Mannheim-Neckarau  2008 „WELDE Art Award“ (recipient of the audience ward) 2014 “WELDE Art Award” (recipient of the audience ward) 2015 Mannheims Cityscape Award (monument preservation award). Since 2004 Annual exhibitions of new Brixy’s works have taken place at the Altes Pumpwerk (Old Pumping Station) Neckarau . They have developed from an insider’s tip into must-see events for art enthusiasts. Exhbitions include, 2004 “Wine Harvest”, 2005 “Roots”, 2006 “In the round”, 2007 “Grow”, 2008 “Beyond”, 2009 “Eden”, 2010 “Seven”, 2012 “Discover”, 2013 “Achtung Brixy”, 2014 “Ten – Ten years art in the Old Pumping Station”, 2015 “Surprise”, 2016 “Tomorrow”, 2017 “ROOM”.

“La Palma has always been a great inspiration!”

Painting and study sojourns in other European countries (since 2003: regular trips to the Canary Island La Palma, where his works on paper, which are part of the “Eden” series, have been created and continued since 2009) and in Malaysia, Mexico and Bali, as well as on the Seychelles and in the United States, among other places.