Works 2017

“Brixy moves volumes across the canvas. For him, painting is an act of strength. […] For each image, this thoroughbred painter has developed a recipe in which he has concealed a number of aromatic details to lend the whole work an air of creativity and timeliness. Sometimes, he focuses on the processual, sometimes on the tactile interface of the surface, and sometimes his approach revolves around the thinkable, which frees the image from being only an object or commodity. Brixy is constantly offering us new approaches to allow us to enter into lively communication with his Images.” (Christoph Tannert)
In 2017 Brixy takes the spectator on a journey into new rooms. He plays with the paintings surface and sets the stage for an immersion into different plains, aberrations and sacred light shows. Brixy invites you to his show ROOM where his surprising new pieces will be shown. Sculptures of the special guest Andreas Theurer will also be presented in the Old Pumping Station in collaboration with Tammen & Partner Gallery (Berlin).